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A Bill for a law to Establish the Office for Disability Affairs

Sponsored by Hon. Aishat Bodunrin Ibrahim

This Bill seeks to provide protection against discrimination based on disability, provide equal opportunity and access for people with disabilities

The functions of the office include;

1. Issuance of guidelines for the education, social development and welfare of people with disabilities;

2. Collaboration with relevant ministries, parastatals, or corporate bodies in issuing codes and   directives for designing building so as to make them accessible to and usable by people with disabilities;

3. Receipt of complaints from people living with disabilities on the violation of their rights;

4. Investigation, prosecution and sanctioning in appropriate cases the violation of any of the provisions of this Law subject to an individual’s right to seek redress in court

5. Registration and co-ordination of associations of people with disabilities;

6. Re-orientation and education of the public on the right attitude towards people with disabilities;

7. combat stereotypes, prejudices and harmful practices relating to people with disabilities in all aspects of life.

8. Collection and collation of data on people with disabilities and ensuring proper Government planning for people with disabilities;

9. Issuance of directives and guidelines to the to the relevant authorities on special sports;

10. Issuance of directives and guidelines to special schools for people with disabilities,

11. Issuance of directives and guidelines on all manner of disabilities, preventive or curative exercises;

12. Actualizing the enjoyment of all rights in this Law by people with disabilities,

13. Issuance and revocation  of certificates of disability (temporary or permanent);

14. Establishment and promotion of schools as well as vocational and rehabilitation centres for the development of people with disabilities;

15. Liaising with ministries and all other Government agencies to ensure that the peculiar interests of people with disabilities are taken into consideration in Government policies, programmes and activities;

16. Keeping and updating of register and database of people with disabilities,

17. Liaising with other countries and international organizations to ensure gap bridging on best practices available;

18. Advocacy and enlightenment campaign drive targeted at members of the public on ways to emphasize  with people with disabilities

19. Ensuring compliance with the provisions of this Law

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