Kwara Assembly confirms IF-K Establishment

The Kwara House of Assembly has confirmed the establishment of the State Infrastructural fund (IF-K) for execution of capital projects under the Public Private Partnership Structure in the state.

Similarly, the House has also ratified the appointment of an acting Director General and replacement with a new Chairman of the Board of Bureau for Public Private Partnership to enhance execution of capital projects across the state.

The confirmation followed the presentation of the letter from the Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed to the Speaker Dr Ali Ahmad on the notification to establish State lnfrastructure Fund (IF-K) for the execution of capital projects under the PPP.

The Speaker while reading the resolutions of the House said the confirmation became necessary since the state government according to him had addressed issues raised on the establishment of the IF-K.

Dr. Ahmad who recalled that officials of the IF-K concerned with the grey areas were summoned by the House, said the IF-K should with this confirmation, commence execution of projects that would have positive impact on the people of the state in earnest.

The Governor had in his letter informed the House that the State PPP had been fully set up in line with law establishing the IF-K and the board according to him had ratified all appointments of the Bureau and matters relating to IF-K in accordance with section 18(1) and section 10 of the KP3 Bureau law respectively.

Governor Ahmed while urging the House to confirm the fund to be fully operational, praised the House for its suggestions, recommendations and expediency given to deliberations on the matter.

Meanwhile a Bill for law to establish the State Health Insurance Agency and the State Health Insurance Scheme which will ensure that residents of the state have access to affordable quality healthcare passed through first reading at the floor of the House.